Kelesidi Estate

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In the heart of the wine zone of Xinomavro, in Giannakochori, Imathia, “Ktima Kelesidi” produces PGI Imathia and PDO Naoussa wines with special taste and personal care. In our traditional winery, we create wines from our own vineyards, paying special attention to all stages of the production process, thus respecting even the most demanding consumer.
The ambition of the family business “Ktima Kelesidi” is the production of high quality wines from organic grapes that will stand out for their organoleptic characteristics and their special taste.
Characteristic of the Kelesidis estate is the emphasis on quality, the passion in the production process and the personal care of our people.

Merkhali Red, Arothymies, Sampanitsa, Evodeas Erythros and Evodeas Lefkos, from organic grapes, offer delicious pleasures.
The low acreage yields, combined with the collection of grapes at the best time for the grape, give unique white and red high quality wines with “full” color
The red wines are based on Xinomavro and either single-variety or in combination with the Syrah and Merlot varieties, mature for at least twelve months in smoked oak barrels. They can be consumed immediately or some of them can wait up to ten years enriching aroma and taste. White wine with a special character, from Malagouzia, is consumed relatively fresh, up to 26 months after bottling.